Your Pract Ther Trans High Res

You are about to make - Fuzzy MoneyConstructive Moti Blur
The anti-metric, non R.O.I. measurable income that 
comes when we Say "YES! We A.R.E. there for them".



Production and productivity are key to the success of a dental; practice.  

Keeping and acquiring new patients vital for sustained success.

Anytime there is conflict or fighting in the staff, a patient feels they are not cared for, or that they were only a transaction, they will go elsewhere and cash-flow suffers.  

All of this is solved with the application of the Say YES! question A.R.E. you there for me? and increasing the Warm Fuzzy Culture in the practice.  


  • the collective belief in a single goal and value.
  • A group of people working for a shared outcome.
  • The feeling you experience when you enter a business or home.

It can be warm and inviting, or stiff and off-putting.

Fuzzy Money comes from the the a warm friendly atmosphere and a culture of "We A.R.E. there for you."

The fastest way to create this is with the staff.  Systems, processes, statements of values all help, but the fastest way to build culture in a practice and boost production is by increasing feeling of belonging, acceptance, and personal esteem that the staff feel so they can better serve the patient, and each other. P.E.P. is the way to do that - FAST!

Praise Empowers Production.  

That is it. The fastest way to increase staff production and create a culture inviting to patients is to Praise the actions and efforts of those who are helping you create your Profitable Ethical Practice.

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